Pacific Calling Partnership 

poster campaign / handstitched

Pacific Calling Partnership is an organisation that recognises the negative effect of climate change on low lying isalands in the Torres Strait and Pacific Isalands. They are an advocate for those isialnds as they have committed to passon the message from the Pacific Leaders, to listen to them, to be accountable and to raise awareness about the threat to their way of living. This campaign was designed around the low lying island of Tuvalu. Since the ocean temperatures have warmed and sea levels have risen and continue to rise, they are at high risk of losing their isalnds, culture and rich history to these rising waters.

The brand underwent a refresh to make it more modern and relatable. The name was shortened to Pacific Calling because it is easier to read and say. The colours are based off the original logo and by adding in the gradient it helps make modern.

The campaign uses climate change deniers, politians in this case, as the face of the campaign. Semi-unrelated quotes from them are used to play on how ridiculous this all is. The quotes are either from their own twitter accounts or a phrase that is regularly said by the. Donald Trump, Scott Morrison and Pauline Hanson are the politians that at the time of this project in mid 2019 were the most relvant to this.

The scuba mask came from asking what equipment would you need in water or what would you do if the water rose? It represent the threat of water rising for this people on Tuvalu but it also represents that these politicians will be okay even if a whole nation in the pacific goes under because of their decisions. It is meant to be fun and throw a little bit of humour on the ridiculousness of this all rather than be another doom and gloom climate change piece. The handstitched element represents the people and the culture of Tuvalu. A lot of their cultural artwork is made up of bright colours and weaving. And the black and white photographs make those bright colours stand out.

Below is some of the procress of this uni project I did in August of 2019 including sketches of coming up with the scuba mask idea and process shots of the stitching process.