business concept / branding / campaign

Dermatype is a business concept that is developed around getting to know the skin you’re in and how to look after it better. This was a uni project that required that we solve a problem with a business solution. A lot of primary research went into people’s knowledge on skincare, their routines, how often, if they knew why they do it and why they use certian products. The results showed that most people have a skincare routine, they often forget to do it, and many didn’t know why they were using certain routines and products. 

DermaType is a skincare tool that builds a skin profile around you, recommends skin care products based on your skin profile, helps build healthy skin care habits and routines and helps you get to know your skin.

The branding of DermaType needed to standout among other beauty and skincare branding while still being relevant to that field. The colours were chosen to broaden the target market from just women to all genders. It reflects the tone of voice in being youthful, earthy, organic, inclusive and fresh. Radiate Sans is a humanist - geometric sans serif font family with a large range of weights and widths. Its clean, sleek and unique. All design elements support the brand’s  tone of voice.